June 24, 2016

Rock Jewelry for your Rock N’ Soul


Rock Jewelry that gives as much as it takes.


Rock Jewelry is a great way to release some energy and but it just looks amazing as well. These pieces can be found on Etsy and I love how cool wearing a crystal can be.

Link to the Etsy shop of Friedasophie, they have the best pieces.

Check them out, Click here.

I am in love with this collection and hope to one day supply my shop with such amazing pieces. Till then I will admire someone else’s work and send you on your way to there shop.

Thanks for tuning into the blog today with a little fashion to help jumpstart your energy. Let me know if you like what you see the best compliment to any blog is a share. Thanks in advance, there are a ton of blog on the inter webs and I’m grateful you came to read mine. Happy days!


June 24, 2016

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