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Tan on a Budget

Two Tan Products you can get at your Local Grocery. So as you all know I use to be a stylist of 7 years, I only say use to be in the fact I am currently not doing hair professionally.  If this is you…
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Downtown Columbus Ohio PhotoShoot

The Hidden Gem of USA, Columbus Ohio I have been meeting some talented people and this photoshoot has so many of them  in it. I worked with an amazing photographer Rebecca Cook with EvoPhotography he…
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Snap Chat Filter Fun

Fun with snap chat. I am probably biased but I have the funniest man ever and these Snapchat filters have me in tears. So I thought I’d show you all the sheniagians and you can let me know if yo…
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What is

 Women’s Online Clothing Shop + Blog about Fashion, Beauty, Travel & Relationships Well some of you have been asking what it is I am doing, what is  Basically it…
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