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Hula Hooping in Paris

Travel + Hula Hooping Many of you don’t know that I bring a hula hoop with me whenever I travel. I get asked all the time why and I figure I will do a post about it. This is not that post, this …
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5 Secrets to Help you Get in Gym Mode

Are you scared of walking into the gym? Lost all motivation to get fit? Do you feel uncomfortable  in your gym attire? Well I’ve been there and I know 99% of the human population has felt t…
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4 Secrets to Buying Clothes Online

How to make sure you are Buying Quality Clothes Online. We live in a time where we do a lot or even all of our shopping online, it’s convenient. You can do it on your free time from anywhere and…
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My Perfect Eyes Product Review

Hello party goers, I’ve been waiting forever to publish this post about My Perfect Eyes. Gareth’s mom (My man’s mom) Anne sent me the video to this product and I was amazed there was…
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