June 30, 2016

Tassel bag, Tassel Shoes, Tassel Skirt, going Tassel Mad.

Tassels are huge this year, make sure to get on this train, it’s a goodie.

I have always loved tassels and I’m flabbergasted at the choices we have this trend season. I have put this little collection together to show you my favorites, where they are and price are included. Just make sure your not head to toe in tassels, we don’t need to revisit the 70’s. Definitely try sporting at least one item with tassels while your trying to take over the world.

I’m leaving for Ireland soon, comment below and what you would like to see on the blog while I’m there. I also can do some personal shopping so email me if you want me on the lookout for some Hidden Gems. I’m stoked about visiting Ireland so gear up and enjoy the adventure with me.

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P.s. Here is Party Favor I promised.

Kimono-Heidi’s Hidden Closet, $29.99,

Skirt, ashantibrazil, $19.50,

Bag-Look and Love, $179.99,

Jacket,Yoins, 43.95,

Necklace- Tourquoise and Teal, Not sure on price but link is

Shoes- Zappos, $99.99

Shirt, Heidi’s Hidden Closet, $24.99,

June 30, 2016

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