July 5, 2016

Trip to Dublin, Ireland

Off to the Green Isle.

Hey Peeps,

I am on my way to Dublin, IRELAND and I’m excited to bring you Dublin’s Fashion, Clothing Stores and hopefully some Bloggers. I traveled around Ireland so much the last trip and I’m excited to get the chance to see more and meet even more people.

One thing I love about Irish Fashion is everyone dresses up. When I compare it to my Utah home it is night and day. Utah is more Tee-Shirts and jeans when Dublin will dress to the nines.

I’m so lucky to be dating someone from another country, he keeps me on my toes and get me out of my comfort zone one new city at a time.

Thanks for checking in and I don’t want to leave you empty handed so here are some pics from my last trip!



P.S. Leave a comment and let me know what goodies I should buy next. Paris is next on the adventure so let me know what you want to see in the closet!

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July 5, 2016

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