Product Review

Top 5 Podcasts for 2017

My Favorite Podcasts for 2017 Today’s post is about my favorite podcasts. It is one of my favorite thing to put on my pod list and clean the house, walk the dogs or putting on make-up. I love each one so much I’ve decided to post about. Please comment below your favorite podcast so I […]

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LipSence Review

The Smudge free, Kiss proof, All day lasting lipstick. Thank you for coming to the party today, today’s post is sponsored by Makenzie Hansen my cousin! She sells the magical lipstick that doesn’t smudge and lasts all day; LipSence! She can be reached on Facebook with her name just add her or via her FB […]

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Grand Lash Product Review

Longer, Thicker Lash Enhancer Ok people I know what every girl wants. Perfectly curled, long thick lashes. I’ll admit I gave into the craze and tried eyelash extensions and guess what I loved them! And I love my eye lash lady in Utah! Shout out if you want her number and your in Utah. But […]

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FitTeam Fit Sticks Review

Hello Party goers, Beinvenue. Today’s post is sponsored by Sabrina Hull she is representing Fit team. Here us her contact info. I love to support other women in their ventures and I hope you will too. Sabrina’s website is Go follow her on Facebook at A few key things about Fitteam The company is […]

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Rock Jewelry for your Rock N’ Soul

Friedasophie Rock Jewelry that gives as much as it takes. Rock Jewelry is a great way to release some energy and but it just looks amazing as well. These pieces can be found on Etsy and I love how cool wearing a crystal can be. Link to the Etsy shop of Friedasophie, they have the […]

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